Dead By Dawn

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We have just partnered with a forge in Longquan (known for making the best swords) to bring their products to the US market. If anyone needs custom-made Katana or Chinese swords you are welcome to send us a message.

There’s a bunch of custom options available so you can make your own unique sword. These are all fully functional and battle ready, not replicas, and they are completely handmade from the ground up. Here are just a few that we are offering at the moment

Please note you must be 18 years or older to purchase one and some countries have restrictions on swords. Eligible countries are United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Australia.

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Woke up..upset
Still upset, except now im even more upset.

This day has started on the wrong foot

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zelda sketches. this series is the reason i started drawing in the first place so i like to pay homage to it every now and then, often by re-interpreting the characters. this set consists of:

ganondorf (mix of all 3 incarnations), hilda (tried making her into more of an anti-zelda, dark skin to contrast her counterpart’s fairness), nabooru (as some sort of gerudo warrior/martial artist), ghirahim (weird mix of his regular/final form with some african influence), yuga (uh…), octorok (with massive ‘ed), saria (more of a ‘forest kid’ look), midna (with a freaky mask thing)

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Thinking about becoming a bartender…or a mixoligist, and getting in really good shape and going to work at a gay bar…because lets face it….im hot

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I had a nightmare last night that was so terrifying, that i am too afraid to talk about it, and i cant stop thinking about how disturbing it was. the very end of this dream was the worst of it all.